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MMBN: The Darkpower 5 is finished!

2012-05-26 23:12:25 by Ginogino13

Hey all,

After almost six years and after going through two new computers, I am finally able to reward your patience with the final part in the MMBN: The Darkpower pentalogy:

MMBN: The Darkpower 5

I believe that it is my best work by far, and I hope that you will agree with me. The movie is about 10 minutes long and contains intense graphics at some points, so adjusting the quality to 'medium' or 'low' might help if the movie starts running slow.


We finally find out what happens to Megaman, Protoman, Colonel, Lan, Chaud, Baryl and Dr. Wily as they proceed through Dr. Wily's network. What lies in store for them and will they be able to break the hold the Darkpower has on Megaman? Find out today!

I hope you enjoy watching the movie!


MMBN: The Darkpower 5 is finished!


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2012-05-27 21:16:12

Sprite stuff like this is what led me to newgrounds in the first place!
But, should I watch the first 4 before seeing this one?

Ginogino13 responds:

I suppose you could, if you want to follow the story a bit. Otherwise it might be a bit confusing. I have to say that some of the earlier movies aren't as good as the final part, since I've made those in 2006.

Still, I hope you enjoy them! :)


2014-04-14 21:25:34

Was thinkin' this would end up in the usual "Sprite Graveyard of Unfinished Series". So glad that didn't happen! Nice work, Gino!